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Extruded Acrylic

A versatile and all-purpose acrylic sheet with multi-functional properties, Extruded Acrylic Sheet is a workhorse for a large variety of app...

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Extruded Acrylic at Piedmont Plastics

Extruded acrylic is a versatile and all-purpose acrylic material with multi-functional properties. As a strong and low-cost solution, extruded acrylic is known to be a workhorse for a variety of applications.

Our inventory of clear extruded acrylic products is available in a number of sizes, thicknesses, colors, patterns and textures. Choose from our standard or customizable sizes to meet your exact specifications.

Key Features and Benefits of Extruded Acrylic

Extruded acrylic is transparent plastic material that is more affordable and malleable than most other performance plastics. Known for its exceptional clarity, moisture resistance, and light weight, extruded acrylic is the perfect solution for  countless indoor and outdoor applications.

Extruded acrylic also boasts beneficial properties like thermoformability, electrical resistance, and impact resistance. Why are these features important? It’s because they lead to reductions in breakage during transit, greatly decrease shipping costs, and provide longer overall life of critical parts.

When compared to glass, extruded acrylic is five times stronger, about half the weight, is clearer, and won’t yellow after extended sunlight exposure. In fact, extruded acrylic is also capable of maintaining its original color and appearance when exposed to cold, heat, or humidity. With these benefits in mind, the flexibility of extruded acrylic also makes it a safer solution during installation.

What is Extruded Acrylic Used For

Extruded acrylic can be used in a variety of applications, including:

Extruded Acrylic Standard Sizes, Thicknesses, and Colors

Our extruded acrylic products offer a high degree of customization, tailored to precise specifications. Available in diverse sizes, thicknesses, and a range of colors, we also provide a cut-to-size service for those requiring custom-cut acrylic for their specific needs.

Differences Between Extruded and Cast Acrylic

Both cast acrylic (plexiglass) and extruded acrylic offer similar benefits; however, each material offers a unique set of properties that work well in different applications.

First and foremost, extruded acrylic is made by feeding, or extruding, a heated liquid polymer through a series of rollers to form a sheet. As a result, extruded acrylic costs less than cast and is more dimensionally stable. It is softer, easier to glue, and is regarded as the best for chemical bonding. With a lower melting temperature, extruded acrylic is also easier to laser cut, rout, and polish. Lastly, because of the production process, extruded acrylic is less susceptible to dirt, lint, or particle contamination.

Have Questions About Extruded Acrylic?

At Piedmont Plastics, clear materials like extruded acrylic are our specialty. As one of North America’s largest wholesale distributors of acrylic, you can feel confident that we will provide the best the industry has to offer. Have questions about extruded acrylic? Let us know! Our team of knowledgeable plastic experts are prepared to offer the right solutions.

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