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Food Service Cabinetry

Piedmont Plastics carries HDPE sheet products, including King StarBoard, for food service cabinetry and food displays. HDPE is resistant to acid and odors.


HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is increasingly used in food service  applications because of its moisture, chemical and corrosion-resistant properties. This durable, easy-to-sanitize material is also USDA and FDA compliant for food contact applications such as cutting boards, countertops, cabinets, and work surfaces.

Premium HDPE sheet makes attractive cabinets with long-lasting, smooth surfaces. Its impact resistance and high tensile strength make it an ideal choice for hard-working kitchen, restaurant, or cafeteria cabinetry. HDPE cutting board materials (Sanalite®) offer a hard, pebble finish that does not dull knives. HDPE also resists acids and odors, making it perfect for food preparation and service. This solution works well for both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Piedmont Plastics carries a large stock of HDPE sheet in various colors, thicknesses, and sizes for custom-built cabinetry. For example, King StarBoard ST® is a Piedmont product that works well for outdoor cabinetry in particular. HDPE cutting board and polypropylene cutting board can also be ordered in a variety of sheet and gauge sizes.

Experienced Piedmont sales representatives can arrange cut-to-size services in over 40 locations in North America and are ready to offer assistance on any cabinetry project, large or small.