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Transit Shelters

Bus station and train station shelters must be sturdy and weather resistant. Acrylic sheet, ACM and polycarbonate sheet from Piedmont Plastics provides the perfect material for transit shelter construction.


Utilized in both larger cities and small towns, transit shelters are small structures for public transportation users at bus, train or light rail stops. These shelters provide a covering from poor weather conditions as well as a place to rest while waiting. Advertisers have determined that transit shelters can be an excellent vehicle for targeted advertisements with the potential to generate revenue for both the owner of the shelter and for municipalities. A good transit shelter is created with vandal and weather resistant materials and boasts a low maintenance design.

Offering a wide range of products that are vandal resistant, weatherproof, and easily fabricated, Piedmont Plastics has long-term experience providing products for transit shelters as well as related advertising graphics. Acrylic, Polycarbonate (monolithic sheet and twin-wall) and ACM (Aluminum Composite Materials) are often used to build the structure and Piedmont also carries a wide range of Graphic materials that are used for advertising. Piedmont is your one-stop shop when it comes to delivering materials for producing transit shelters.