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Vinyl banners are a staple in today’s advertising and signage industries. Just take a look around. You’ll see them suspended outside of local businesses, hanging on fences in construction zones, catching your attention on roadside billboards, waving from streetlights and adorning thousands of trade show displays in large exhibit halls.

Plastic plays a large role in the durability and versatility of banners. Our banner products are made with a polyester yarn fabric with a vinyl surface for printing. Vinyl banners are lightweight, flexible, and can be digitally printed on using large-format printers, making them more versatile than other materials.

Piedmont’s commitment to banner is evident in our SupraFLEX® line of materials, which includes Horizon (Frontlit), Curl Free (Scrimless), Eclipse (Blockout) and Breeze (Mesh) banner products. Rest assured, Piedmont has the banner material you need in the size you require. If you’re looking for vibrant banner solutions, trust Piedmont Plastics SupraFLEX®.

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