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Food Storage Bins

Piedmont Plastics carries FDA approved food grade polycarbonate, PETG plastic, and thermoformed parts for food storage bins and food prep buckets.


Before food ever reaches the consumer, it has been prepared and packaged under strict government guidelines for safety. Those guidelines extend to the stores where we purchase our food. Storage containers and bins made from plastics provide a clean, attractive, transparent, and safe method for retailers to display many of the products we buy. Coffee beans, nuts, and grains are just a few items that are commonly stored in plastic bins on display in most every grocery retailer.

PETG and polycarbonate are the two main plastics used in food storage containers. Both have “food grade” formulations recognized by the FDA. As such, these materials are able to handle temperature ranges, chemicals, and oils without compromising the plastic’s integrity. Lightweight, nonporous polycarbonate has exceptional optical transparency, heat resistance, impact resistance and it is easily cleaned. Polycarbonate’s strength can be achieved with thinner walls so productions costs are reduced.

Piedmont Plastics carries a wide range of polycarbonate and PETG in many thicknesses and sheet sizes as well as being able to supply thermoformed plastic parts for your food storage needs. Our experienced sales staff looks forward to helping you select the best materials for your food storage application.