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Beverage Carts and Food Trucks

Piedmont Plastics is a supplier of ACM, polycarbonate, acrylic, vinyl wrap, acrylic mirror, and LEDs for beverage carts and food trucks.


Highly durable plastic products are used in a variety of applications in both beverage carts and food trucks. Countertops, windows, menu boards, dividers, flooring, and aesthetics are all created with plastic parts and have the unique manufacturing capability for meeting specific functional needs.

Beverage carts are most commonly manufactured using acrylic, vinyl wrap, aluminum composite material, polycarbonate, acrylic mirror, and LEDs providing durability, low maintenance, longevity, and multiple design options. While many beverage carts and food trucks are created with mixed materials including metal, plastics are the appropriate choice for creating a light, impact resistant, and FDA approved final product.

Piedmont Plastics has been the premier supplier of the most recognized and dependable brands in the industry for over 45 Years. With over 40 distribution centers, film conversion centers, and a full parts fabrication facility, Piedmont offers local knowledgeable sales associates with the support of a national network to help you find the right solutions.