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Brochure Holders

Looking for acrylic, polycarbonate, or PETG for brochure holders? Piedmont Plastics has a large inventory, plus run-to-size and cut-to-size services.


Brochure holders allow for a neat and tidy display of tri-fold pamphlets, leaflets, flyers and other promotional materials. Often found in hotels, visitor centers, and real estate offices, brochure holders can rest on a table or countertop, or be mounted to the wall, providing a single location for marketing materials at any business.

Brochure holders are commonly made from clear acrylic, are extremely durable, and give a fresh and clean look. Polycarbonate and PETG are additional material options when durability is a prime concern. Clear acrylic can be easily fabricated into a range of sizes and configurations for brochure holders, including single pocket, multi-pocket, tiered and ladder configurations. To protect promotional materials from wind, precipitation, and other weather elements, lidded brochure holders for outdoor use can also be fabricated.

Piedmont Plastics is proud to offer a large stock of materials for brochure holders of any configuration, as well as run-to-size options and cut-to-size capabilities to maximize yields.