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Trophies are available in nearly endless styles and sizes and are often awarded for athletic achievement or corporate recognition. While traditional materials for trophy fabrication include wood, metal, and glass, trophies made from acrylic sheet offer significant advantages not available with other materials. Trophies made from acrylic sheet are more durable and provide a clean, contemporary look.

Acrylic trophies provide an affordable option without sacrificing design freedom. Trophies made from acrylic can be fashioned into nearly any shape, from simple paperweight styles to elaborate standing awards. Acrylics are typically cut into the desired shape, polished on any exterior edges, and then engraved with logos, images, and text. Color graphics can also be applied to acrylic trophies, giving full design flexibility.

At our more than 40 locations across North America, Piedmont Plastics carries one of the largest stocks of acrylic sheet, available in a range of thicknesses and colors.

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