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Point of Sale Displays (POS)

With the wide range of textures, finishes, colors & designs needed for POS displays, plastic & plastic sheet are the ideal choice. Piedmont Plastics’ large inventory makes it easy to build these displays.


Point of Sale, or POS, refers to a place where sales are made, typically the space around a counter where customers complete their purchases. These strategic locations offer marketers a unique opportunity to encourage sales of high-profit products or services by capturing the attention of customers with creative POS displays.

Customers are often more drawn to products displayed in a prominent fashion, and the most effective POS displays will encourage additional purchases while also giving the store the appearance of being organized and well-branded.

Considering the array of different businesses that employ POS displays, there are a wide variety of designs, colors, textures, finishes, and sizes available for these displays when made with plastic materials. Plastic POS displays are light in weight and allow for full design flexibility to strategically drive sales and effectively communicate your brand message to your target consumer.

Piedmont Plastics has been a longstanding partner with the leaders in POS display fabrication, and our breadth and depth of stock, as well as our close tolerance cutting capabilities, make us uniquely suited to serve this market.