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Menu Boards

Lightweight, clear and printable plastic sheet from Piedmont Plastics makes menu boards legible and effective. Choose the right Piedmont Plastics products to create attractive menu boards.


A strong first impression is crucial in the restaurant business, and the opportunity to create brand loyalty begins the moment customers walk in the door. Menu boards allow restauranteurs to share their menu offerings, display important nutritional information, and engage guests while they wait to order. Compelling and well-designed menu boards can also assist in faster service as customers are empowered to make quick menu decisions. Plus, with the opportunity to promote high-profit specials on a daily basis, menu boards can help to drive sales and contribute toward increased profits.

Plastics allow for full design flexibility in menu boards while maintaining a lightweight profile. Whether digital or static, the creative options for color, size, and shape are nearly endless. This design flexibility also allows for quick and easy updates to menu items to pricing while significantly cutting printing costs by eliminating the need for paper menus.

Piedmont stocks a wide range of products to create everything from basic chalkboard menu boards to sophisticated LED boards, including acrylic, ACM, expanded PVC, polycarbonate, and LEDs, and we can help you make a lasting first impression by utilizing these materials to create an engaging menu board.