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The Various Uses Of Extruded Acrylic Sheet

At Piedmont Plastics, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible plastic products to meet a wide range of applications. Extruded acrylic sheet is one of our most popular materials, providing an option for everything from point of purchase displays to signage and trade show booth construction. The durable nature of this product combined with the fact that it is easy to shape and mold into the desired shape yet remains impact-resistant and stronger than traditional window or wire glass, combine to make it an ideal product for many applications. Here are some of the ways our customers are using extruded acrylic sheet.

Advertising and Point of Sale Displays

Advertising and point of sale displays need to be lightweight, so they can easily be moved from spot to spot, yet also need to be durable, as these take a beating on a regular basis from customer interaction and the challenges of moving from spot to spot. Extruded acrylic sheet is perfect for these applications. Not only can it be molded into the desired shape, but it is impact resistant and can come in a wide range of colors and patterns to match a company’s marketing goals.

Menu Boards and Signage

Signs and menu boards need to be fade resistant and, at times, wind resistant. They need to hold a printed message clearly, so the intended message can be read by those at the facility. Extruded acrylic sheet works well for this and, because it is lightweight, this material can easily be hung in any location where a sign is needed. Both flat and formed sign faces, as well as menu boards and directional wayfinding signage, can all be made from this material.


Windshields, particularly on motorcycles, should be lightweight and impact resistant. Extruded acrylic sheet can come in crystal clear formulations that can be thermoformed into the desired shape for aerodynamics while adding to the safety of the motorcycle and ensuring that the rider can see the road ahead clearly.

Trade Show Booths and Display Cases

Displaying goods in a store or displaying a brand at a trade show requires the right base material, and extruded acrylic sheet works well for both. The durability and range of colors, including clear options, mean designers can make exactly what they want to showcase a brand’s desired image, all while ensuring that the final product is durable, even when it will be set up and taken down repeatedly.

Extruded acrylic sheet has a wide range of applications. This versatile material remains a staple of the Piedmont Plastics lineup. Learn more about this and other plastic materials available from Piedmont Plastic by contacting our sales team today.