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Motorcycle Windshields

The shatter resistance and clear visibility of acrylic sheet and polycarbonate make them ideal for motorcycle windshields. Piedmont Plastics supplies these with CNC saw cutting services as well.


Motorcycle windshields bring added safety to the open road, protecting riders from weather and flying debris while reducing noise and chest pressure. Motorcycle windshields are available in a range of shapes and sizes and give riders peace of mind without compromising visibility.

Motorcycle windshields are made from either acrylic or polycarbonate, and each material offers its own advantages. Impact modified acrylic has a glasslike clarity, while polycarbonate windshields that have been hard coated have high impact and abrasion resistance. Both materials are extremely durable and will not shatter on impact.

Piedmont Plastics has served the motorcycle windshield industry for decades and carries both acrylic and polycarbonate sheet in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and tints. We offer CNC saw cutting services at over 40 locations across North America and our expert salespeople can give reliable advice on the best available materials.