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Trade Show Booths

Plastic sheet makes an ideal base for creating trade show booths and displays. Everything from the table and counter to the banners and display signs can be made with products from Piedmont Plastics.


Trade show booths are graphic and functional displays used at trade shows, expos, and conferences as a way to represent an organization, product, business or brand. Trade show booths can vary widely in size, shape, cost, and complexity. From a simple 10 x 10 booth all the way up to much larger environments, these spaces can consist of temporary walls, elevated platforms, tabletops, banner displays, and ceilings and can be created from a wide spectrum of materials.

For weight reduction and reduced setup/teardown time, many companies rely on plastic materials in the construction of their trade show booths. Plastics offer an almost limitless palette of design, color and texture combinations to help companies communicate their message. Piedmont Plastics stocks a wide variety of products and materials throughout its many locations in North America to help customers build attractive, cost-effective trade show display environments.