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Transit Shelter Graphics

Bus stations and train stops create a captive audience for marketing. Graphics get your message across. Piedmont Plastics can help with window films, opaque films and backlit films as well as rigid plastic sheet.


To take advantage of the captive audiences at bus and train stops, transit shelter graphics are widely used as advertising space for companies, organizations, and government offices. Transit shelters could display promotional signs for a local theater attraction, bus and train route schedules, or product advertisements. Transit shelter graphics can be permanent or temporary, backlit or frontlit, single-sided or double-sided giving advertisers a plethora of format, design, and material choices.

Transit shelter graphics can be printed on a wide variety of flexible plastic film and sheet. While paper products fade and distort and wood will rot in outdoor environments, plastics offer an inexpensive, durable choice for permanent or temporary graphics. Transit shelter graphics are typically printed with UV, solvent, latex, and eco-solvent print technologies. Since transit shelters are outdoors, the graphics are laminated with a UV protective laminate so the graphic will not fade over time. Some transit shelters utilize rigid signs that can be made by printing directly to acrylic or polycarbonate.

Piedmont Plastics handles a full line of sign and graphics materials for all types of print technology and applications. We stock backlit films, adhesive backed vinyl, window films, and opaque film, all in a variety of widths. We carry adhesives for mounting and laminates to protect the graphics. We also offer a wide variety of rigid sheet material for direct print applications, including acrylic, polycarbonate, foam PVC, and foam board. Our team of experts is knowledgeable and ready to help you choose the best materials to create engaging and durable graphics for your transit shelter advertisement.