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School Glazing

Plastic glazing works well for school windows and doorways because of its lighter weight and scratch resistance. Piedmont Plastics’ acrylic sheet or polycarbonates come in a range of sizes and colors.


Strong, versatile thermoplastics are increasingly used throughout school architectural design. Strategic use of plastic glazing in windows, walls, doorways, courtyards, and skylights provides aesthetics, safety, security, and energy savings.

Plastics offer a number of advantages over other materials in school glazing applications. They are generally lighter in weight and provide UV and scratch resistance. The impact resistance of polycarbonate provides a solution for areas of potential breakage or abuse. In an environment of ever-increasing focus on security and safety, polycarbonate and polycarbonate laminates play a pivotal role. Where durability is key but impact resistance is not as important, acrylic provides an economical alternative. Plastics further allow for design freedom and flexibility so that both aesthetics and state-specific building codes can be followed.

Piedmont Plastics supplies quality acrylics and polycarbonates that allow schools to provide openness and beauty while protecting students and staff. Piedmont stocks a variety of sheet sizes and textures as well as transparent, translucent, or opaque colors. On larger projects we can provide custom sheet sizes to maximize yield.