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Ice Hockey Rinks and Arenas

Piedmont Plastics is a distributor of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and acrylic for ice hockey rink protective shielding that meets ASTM standards.


Ice hockey rinks and arenas require dasher boards and rink shielding systems to protect the players and spectators from injury during play. Dasher boards make up the bottom part of the rink enclosure and are typically constructed using HDPE (high density polyethylene). Rink shielding extends up beyond the dasher boards for extra protection and can be constructed with tempered glass or acrylic.

HDPE is the material of choice for dasher boards because of its high impact strength, durability, smooth finish, moisture resistance, and low maintenance requirements. Its extreme resilience to impact in colder temperature makes it the ideal, logical choice for ice hockey rinks. HDPE has proven to be the industry norm for arena boards and is used widely in most indoor sports arenas.

Many facilities currently use tempered glass for their rink shielding systems. However, acrylic’s durability, low weight, and flexibility have contributed to its quick rise in popularity for rink shielding. Acrylic offers excellent optical clarity and will not shatter like glass when broken. Acrylic is 64% lighter than tempered glass, allowing for quicker and easier event transitions. More importantly acrylic is 20% more flexible than tempered glass, which significantly reduces player injuries.

Piedmont Plastics offers a large stock of HDPE and acrylic sheet to accommodate the needs of any project. Our materials meet the ASTM International’s Standard Guide for Skating and Ice Hockey Playing Facilities (F-1703) and are guaranteed to last. The team of experts at Piedmont will work with you on your project from the start to finish ensuring you have the right materials at the best prices.