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Roof Vents

The UV resistance and durability of acrylic or polycarbonate sheet make it the perfect solution for HVAC system components like roof vents. Piedmont Plastics stocks this sheet in a variety of sizes.


The building and construction industry increasingly relies on plastics to make homes, offices, and other structures safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Piedmont Plastics provides numerous plastics products used to enhance and retain the value of these structures.

Proper ventilation in buildings is important for comfort, efficiency, and integrity. Roof vents are an important element in ventilation. Roof vents allow hot, humid air to escape and help prevent structural damage and premature aging. A properly installed roof vent reduces air temperature in the summer and humidity in the winter, thereby lessening the load on HVAC systems and keeping interiors comfortable whatever the weather.

Durable, UV inhibited acrylic and polycarbonate are go-to materials used in the development of roof vents. Piedmont Plastics stocks acrylic and polycarbonate in a variety of thicknesses and sheet sizes in over 40 locations nationwide. Our expert team can provide quick, reliable solutions for all your roof vent applications.