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Cast Acrylic Sheet

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Wherever clarity and strength are required, Cast Acrylic Sheet is the clear solution. Cast acrylic sheet is a lightweight plastic sheet with high impact resistance and optical clarity. Cast acrylic sheet boasts a higher molecular weight than extruded acrylic sheet, has a better resistance to crazing when exposed to solvents and a harder surface. Cast acrylic sheet is also available in a large variety of custom colors.

This product can come in many sizes, thicknesses, and finishes and is easily fabricated and thermoformed. Cast acrylic sheet is used in many applications including POP displays, skylights, furniture, aquariums, signage, display cases, and security windows.

Plastic sheeting is at the core of Piedmont Plastics' product offering and has been since 1968. We hold strategic partnerships with the world's best suppliers, including Plexiglas® and CHEMCAST®. Our team is focused on finding the right product for your project. Let us create the perfect solution for your acrylic sheet needs.

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