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Prison / Detention Center Glazing

Piedmont Plastics is a leading North American supplier of specialized plastic products, including glazing for prisons and detention centers. Contact a sales rep to find the product you need.


Prison and detention center glazing is completed using a specialized laminate material consisting of layers of polycarbonate, glass, and acrylic with a special bonding layer. This material is strong enough to withstand continual high impact blows from items such as sledge hammers, sharp instruments, and ballistics without risk of shattering. This specialized security glazing is frequently integrated into control rooms, interview rooms, visitation centers, cell doors and windows, corridors, and medical centers to prevent unauthorized entrances and exits or contraband passage, while also providing unrestricted visibility of dangers that could prove threatening.

Prison and detention center glazing must comply with testing standards set forth by local, state and federal governing bodies and may differ between facilities. Due to its unique specifying requirements, professional opinions are useful in choosing the perfect product for a regulation compliant final application

Piedmont Plastics is the North American leader in plastic products and their specialized applications. Piedmont stocks a wide variety of the products used in prison and detention center glazing. An expert product specialist who is fluent in security needs and specifications will be available to help you choose the perfect product for your final application.