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Arkema Plexiglas® Perfexion™ Plexiglas® Perfexion™ UF-5

Plexiglas Perfexion Plexiglas Perfexion UF-5 Also available in Non-Glare A C RY L I C SH E E T The Plexiglas Perfexion family of specialty acrylics for framing. Whats more Plexiglas Perfexion UF-5 acrylic sheet helps filter out 99 of the harmful UV rays from natural Altuglas International provides framers museums and and artificial light sources. It is excellent for protecting galleries with a complete line of Plexiglas Perfexion delicate artwork tapestries photos and more. Ease of acrylic sheet products. Heres why they trust their work fabrication is another advantage. You can drill rout cut and works of art to the best-known name in acrylic sheet. polish cement and thermoform it with confidence. Plexiglas Perfexion acrylic sheet rivals the finest optical Both Plexiglas Perfexion and Plexiglas Perfexion glass for transparency with light transmission qualities UF-5 acrylic sheet are available in a non-glare surface. suitable for framing. Its 17 times stronger than glass and more than 50 lighter too. This lowers shipping costs and reduces breakage in transit. The more you look at Plexiglas Perfexion acrylic sheet products the more you see why its the name framers think of first for clarity protection and artistic expression. PRODUCT INFORMATION Non-glare Matte finish one side only. UF-5 Ultraviolet-filtering filters out 99 of UV rays. Standard finish Glossy finish both sides. NOTES Plexiglas acrylic sheet formulationfinish id Minimum order One 1 standard pallet. Non-standard items quoted on request. Plexiglas Perfexion acrylic sheet also ava Cutting tolerance -0 14. Plexiglas Perfexion UF-5 Plexiglas acrylic plastic is a combustible thermoplastic. Observe fire precautions appropriate for comparable forms of wood and paper. For building uses check code approvals. Impact resistance is a factor of thickness. Avoid exposure to heat or aromatic solvents. Clean with soap and water. Avoid abrasives. See MSDS for Health Safety Considerations. Altuglas and Plexiglas

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