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Hospital / Psychiatric Center Glazing

Hospital / Psychiatric Center Glazing

Window glazing in institutional and hospital environments is created to prevent unauthorized entrances or exits and the possible passage of contraband. The glazing is used between wards, windows, individual room doors and various partitions throughout the institution. High quality, transparent plastic is an ideal material for this application due to its ability to resist breakage from high or repeated impacts.

Polycarbonate with abrasion resistant coating is the typical material, however higher threat areas use laminated polycarbonate for additional protection with the option of glass-clad polycarbonate, depending on need. All-polycarbonate laminates resist spalling and whiteout after repeated impact, which effectively increases visibility. These features make this family of plastic products the preferred choice where enhanced building design and protection of assets are primary concerns.

Piedmont Plastics stocks a wide variety of plastic products necessary in various institutional applications. Our Piedmont team includes specialists who are fluent in security needs and specifications and we can help you decipher your needs and ensure proper materials are used for every application.

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