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Best Uses For Acrylic Sheet

crylic sheet, with its moldable material, lightweight nature, and high impact resistance, combined with superior optical clarity, is used in a wide range of applications. Anywhere that a see through surface that is both strong and attractive is needed, cast acrylic sheet is the solution. At Piedmont Plastics, we regularly supply acrylic sheet to companies in the following industries.

Building and Construction

Today’s buildings are defying the logic of physics, and as such need strong, durable materials. When that material also needs to be clear and have a high molecular weight, cast acrylic sheets are the right choice. With so many thickness options and finishes, This sheet material provides building and construction professionals many options for their designs.

Commercial and Structural Glazing

Because cast acrylic sheet is so strong, it makes the best option for structural glazing. Create weather and storm-resistant windows, large, bulletproof windows, durable skylights and even clean rooms can all benefit from structural glazing, and that requires cast acrylic sheet.

Displays and Point of Sale

Who says a display must be made from cardboard? You can give your display or point of sale shelving an upgraded look with affordable cast acrylic sheet. Make your product and its shelving stand out with the help of the right basic materials.

Exhibit, Trade Show and Convention Displays

The key to a trade show booth that stands out is the overall design. Because acrylic sheet can be molded and bent to the exact lines you want, you can use it to create a durable display that will grab attention. The strength of this material means your display will stand up under the rigorous tradeshow circuit as well.

Machine Shops

Machine shops require the right base materials to provide their customers with a superior finished product. Piedmont Plastics regularly supplies machine shops with custom cut acrylic sheet for their needs.

Plastic and Metal Fabrication

Custom cutting, bending and other fabrication services allow plastic and metal fabrication companies to benefit from the cast acrylic sheet offered from Piedmont Plastics. With cut-to-size sheet, companies can craft the final products their customers demand, knowing that they will be durable and effective.


Sporting equipment, stadium design, and even watercraft manufacturing can all benefit from acrylic sheet. Acrylic sheet, because of its impact and corrosion resistance, is an ideal choice for boat windshields, sporting venue windows, and even facemasks or eye protection.


Not all signs are solid. For lighted signs and other applications, clear cast acrylic sheet makes a great foundational material.

In each of these applications, manufacturers know they can trust Piedmont Plastics to provide superior, custom cut plastic sheet material. Talk to one of our sales professionals today to find the plastic products that are best for your application.