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Heat resistant up to 185 degrees, Acetal makes the perfect plastic material for manifolds and other automotive parts. Piedmont Plastic has over 40 locations supplying these plastic materials.


Automotive, mechanical, fluid, and pneumatic industries increasingly depend upon strong, stiff engineering thermoplastics such as Acetal because of their high chemical resistance, durability, and electrical properties. These features make materials like Acetal the right choice for a variety of mechanical parts, including manifolds.

Used to divert the flow of air or fluids from one outlet to multiple outlets, manifolds manufactured from Acetal come in a variety of configurations. Acetal manifolds exhibit a low coefficient of friction and very low moisture absorption. They are also lighter in weight than their metal counterparts. In addition, Acetal manifolds can operate continuously in heat extremes up to 185°F/85°C. Consult your local Piedmont Plastics professional for more challenging applications.

As a well-known distributor of Acetal and other plastic materials used in the development of manifolds, Piedmont Plastics offers the solutions you need. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team is ready to listen to your project requirements and help you get the job done.