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Digital Acrylic

Digital acrylic is a unique plastic material that uses a distinctive polymer formulation to provide optimal adhesion for UV curing inks. Thi

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Digital acrylic is a unique plastic material that uses a distinctive polymer formulation to provide optimal adhesion for UV curing inks. This printable digital acrylic doesn’t require the typical adhesion promotor for ink applications, yet it still retains many of the same benefits as standard acrylic sheet.

Our clear digital acrylic provides businesses with the ideal solution for printing on clear acrylic sheet. Due to its enhanced characteristics, digital acrylic produces high-quality prints with exceptional color and accuracy. Our digital acrylic is available online in select sizes or in cut-to-size options when you submit a custom quote.

Key Features and Benefits of Digital Acrylic

There are many benefits associated with digital acrylic. The specially formulated face of this type of acrylic makes it the go-to option for flatbed printing. The face of the sheet was specifically made for the flawless adhesion of UV and latex ink. Rather than having to apply the standard adhesion promotors to the sheet, digital acrylic delivers a quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective method for printing.

Digital acrylic also offers many of the same advantages as continuously processed acrylic, but with more heightened features. Digital acrylic is best known for the following:

  • Direct-to-print capability
  • Optimal adhesion of UV curing inks
  • Exceptional light transmission
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Superior strength and impact resistance

The transparency of clear digital acrylic is one of its most alluring attributes. The exceptional clarity of digital acrylic ensures that the colors of the printed design are radiant and brilliant. With this in mind, printers are able to produce high-quality, vibrant, and dazzling prints by utilizing modern UV digital flatbed technology.

Pros of Printing on Digital Acrylic Sheet

Clear digital acrylic sheet provides the perfect surface for eye-catching advertisements and home decorations. Although it is most commonly used for POP displays and signage, the versatility of acrylic also allows it to be used effectively in many industrial and construction applications.

Printing on digital acrylic effectively eliminates the costly and time-consuming task of applying adhesion promotors. Printers can now skip this step and print directly to the surface.

Like regular acrylic, digital acrylic sheet is durable and has an impressive resistance to the elements. The weatherability of digital acrylic allows it to last longer than alternative products like glass. Furthermore, acrylic is often a lower cost material, yet it still maintains a high-quality appearance thanks to its ability to resist weathering and yellowing over time.

Standard Sizes, Thicknesses, and Colors

Our digital acrylic sheet comes in a variety of standard sizes, thicknesses, and colors. We maintain a large inventory of clear digital acrylic sheet throughout our robust branch network. We can also provide white digital acrylic and non-glare digital acrylic for those interested in additional surface options. Don’t see the size or color you need online? Submit a custom quote to let us know what you need! You can have your digital acrylic sheet cut-to-size to meet your exact specifications.

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