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Plastics For Indoor And Outdoor Retail Store Signs

For over 50 years, Piedmont Plastics has prided itself on its strong dedication to its customers and finding solutions to whatever business need or requirement they may have.

This dedication extends to businesses that deal in signage, graphic design, and marketing. Piedmont Plastics understands how important it is to have durable, effective, and high-quality materials for retail store signs, outdoor retail signage, retail banners, and custom retail signs for both indoor and outdoor use.

Piedmont Sign and Display Materials

What makes Piedmont Plastics stand out from the rest is our ability to work directly with customers in finding the precise solutions they need. Because of the relationships we’ve built with our suppliers, we are perfectly positioned to deliver industry-leading materials from the most well-respected brands in the world. We have even created our own line of Piedmont Sign Grade® (PSG) products specifically designed to withstand the heavy demands of the sign and graphics market.

Whether you’re looking for materials for intricate electronic signs or simple printed graphics, we have what you need. With our sign and graphics specialists working with you, we are confident you will find the exact material you need.

Our product selection includes:  

Sign Grade Acrylic

We have an extensive selection of sign-grade acrylic sheet suitable for all sorts of environments. Our sign-grade acrylic sheet is perfect for applications such as sign faces, cabinet signs, displays, menu boards, and so much more. Acrylic sheet can be easily thermoformed, stands up to all sorts of weather, and available in a wide range of colors, textures, and unique formulations. We also stock sign grade, light-diffusing, cell cast, and extruded acrylic in various sheet and reel gages.

Some of our top brands include OPTIX® by Plaskolite and Plexiglas® by Arkema.

Sign Grade Polycarbonate

We also have a ready supply of polycarbonate on hand for you. Our sign-grade polycarbonate can be easily fabricated, thermoformed, and decorated. These enhanced UV-resistant materials offer superior performance, excellent impact strength, and solid dimensional stability in any environment. Our polycarbonate is available in both sheet and reel stock of various gauges.

Some of our top polycarbonate brands include TUFFAK® by Plaskolite and Palsun® by Palram.

Aluminum Composite Material: PSG AluPOLY®

AluPOLY® is a standout aluminum composite sheet material designed to meet the needs of numerous markets. AluPOLY® features a smooth surface that can be coated or painted to mimic any texture, including wood, marble, or metal. PSG AluPOLY® can endure all sorts of weather, features anti-corrosion and primer treatments, includes excellent UV protection, and can be easily cut, fabricated, and mounted. In addition, AluPOLY® carries a UL certification for class 2 enclosures.

Our ACM material suppliers include known brands such as Dibond® and Alucobond®.

Channel Letter Materials

Piedmont Plastics also stocks pre-slit, PVC masked, aluminum coils for channel letters. These coils are simple to install, do not rust, and are available in painted, milled, or anodized finish. Among our channel letter materials in stock is a full line of GemTrim™—a trim cap product that bonds easily, is UV stable, and won’t fade, crack, peel or delaminate.

LED Lighting

Our LED lighting solutions offer our customers the most efficient, cost-effective lighting for indoor and outdoor signage available on the market today. LEDs deliver bright, uniform light across all sign faces, are easy to install, and last longer than traditional lighting schemes. LED lights also provide greater energy efficiency and lifetime, bringing costs down for our customers.

Piedmont Key Graphics Products

For those customers with extensive or specialized graphics needs for their businesses, we offer these great products. Our supplier, Mactac, is a recognized leader in manufacturing adhesive products used in such markets as visual communication, signage, decoration, labeling, packaging, assembly, housing, and the automotive and medical fields.

With Piedmont Plastics and our partnership with Mactac, you are sure to find the best materials for your needs.

Banner Substrates: PSG® SupraFLEX®

Our selection of PSG® SupraFLEX® banner substrates include SupraFLEX® Horizon, SupraFLEX® Eclipse, SupraFLEX® Breeze, and SupraFLEX® Curl Free. Each provides top-of-the-line quality characteristics such as exceptional versatility, lightweight designs, superior print quality, and durability. Because of their unique properties, these banner substrate products perform outstandingly in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Vinyl Graphics

We supply adhesive vinyl materials for nearly any use, including wall windows, floors, vehicle wraps, and more. Our selection of vinyl materials includes a choice of adhesives, such as permanent, high tack, removable, and repositionable. In addition, adhesive vinyl graphics can be placed on various surfaces, including wood, tile, carpet, concrete, asphalt, or laminate.

Rigid Media

For customers in need of rigid media, Piedmont Plastics has you covered. Our extensive inventory includes both see-through and opaque materials. PETG, acrylic, polycarbonate, foamboard, and foam PVC. These materials feature exceptional benefits, such as high impact resistance, high weatherability, corrosion resistance, easy printing and painting, and superior clarity. They are also designed to withstand all types of weather while still boasting lightweight properties.

Your Signage Material Experts

If you are looking for the best materials for your retail store signs, outdoor retail signage, retail banners, and other custom retail signs, Piedmont Plastics has what you’re looking for. Our team of dedicated sign and graphics specialists are experts in their field and can assist you every step of the way. From new products to traditional materials, Piedmont Plastics can provide you with the innovative solutions you need. Reach out today for immediate assistance.