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Sign Grade Polycarbonate

Sign Grade Polycarbonate

Sign Grade Polycarbonate is a high quality, UV-resistant thermoplastic sheet product. Many times stronger than acrylic, sign grade polycarbonate sheet exhibits exceptional weatherability and superior impact strength. Sign grade polycarbonate sheet is used primarily for flat and thermoformed sign faces and channel letters in both electrical and non-electrical signage.

The toughness of sign grade polycarbonate sheet allows it to maintain its durability even in the most extreme temperatures. This minimizes breakage during manufacturing, installation, and field usage and allows sign makers to achieve lightweight, high performance signage. Its physical properties make sign grade polycarbonate sheet resistant to sun damage and scratching—so signs look better, longer.

Sign grade polycarbonate sheet is easily fabricated, thermoformed, and painted. It is available in clear and nine industry standard colors, as well as in a matte/non-glare finish. Sign grade polycarbonate meets UL 879 for electrical signage and is available in sheet and reel from Piedmont Plastics.

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