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Staging and Event Displays

Staging and Event Displays

An event can be as simple as a small 10k race to promote a local charity or as detailed and high profile as a televised awards ceremony or concert. Regardless of the size of the event, staging and event displays are highly customizable tools used to perfectly fit the venue and promotional purposes of the event. The versatility of plastic helps designers create an ideal setting from a nearly endless palette of options. Plastics are also used extensively to help advertise sponsors of an event.

Staging and event displays need to look great and be structurally sound and safe. Plastics are often used in these types of displays for reduced weight and added strength, durability, and style. For example, polished, thick gauge acrylic sheet is a leading choice for desk surfaces used by news anchors on local and national news telecasts.

In addition to acrylic sheet, Piedmont Plastics carries many additional products such as banner media and ACM (aluminum composite material) that can be used to enhance any staging and event displays.

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