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Gas Station Signage

Piedmont Plastics carries all of the materials needed for engaging gas station signs, including polycarbonate, acrylic, styrene, PVC foam, and AluPOLY ACM.


Well-constructed, high visibility signage is one of the most prevalent and effective advertising methods for gas stations and their accompanying convenience stores. Most gas stations have aluminum-framed and, often internally illuminated, signage that is either formed or flat, showcasing the name and the company’s easily identifiable logo. Gas station signage also includes signs surrounding the pumps, inside convenience stores, and interchangeable letters and numbers for sign updates.

Gas station signs are created with various types of flexible, lightweight, and durable plastic products including polycarbonate, acrylic sheet, styrene, fluted polypropylene, PVC foam, and ACM (AluPOLY®). Additionally, LED lights are used for internally illuminating signs.

With locations across North America, Piedmont Plastics is the leading supplier of plastic sheet needed for gas station signage. Piedmont employs sign specialists that are experts when it comes to helping supply you with the ideal product to suit your final application needs and budget.