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Why Vinyl Is The Best Material For Promotional Displays

When you head to a trade show or set up a promotional display at a retailer, you have one chance to get a potential customer to stop and take a second look. This means the display needs to be eye-catching, but it also means it needs to look professional. Professional displays start with durable and versatile material, and one of the best materials to choose is vinyl. Here are some of the reasons vinyl is an excellent choice for promotional displays.

Wide Range of Types

One of the main reasons vinyl is the material of choice for promotional displays is the wide range of material types it offers. Vinyl can be formed into a flexible fabric-like plastic sheet, durable rigid sheet, plastic rods and more. It can even be custom formed to create the exact shape and size needed for a display.

Vinyl Is Low Cost, Yet Durable

When creating promotional displays, you need to manage your costs. Because promotions change regularly, you do not want to spend too much on a temporary sign or display, but you do want it to look great. Vinyl is one of the lower cost plastic products, yet is known to be quite durable as well. This makes it a favorite for promotions that change regularly.

Option for Adhesive Backing

Adhesive-backed vinyl allows brands to create displays that easily adhere to windows, POP displays, floors, trade show display banners, and more. Adhesive-backed vinyl is moisture and temperature resistant as well, so it will not start to warp or detach even when exposed to the elements. This adds a level of versatility not available with other products.

Vinyl Is Easy to Print On

Another benefit of vinyl for promotional displays is the fact that many vinyl products can easily take printing. This makes it simple to print and then display the latest promotion, logo or branding image. Vinyl comes in a wide range of types, including flexible materials that can easily feed through the modern printer, and screen printing is an option for rigid vinyl sheet materials.

Strong Foundation for Displays of All Sizes

From a trade show booth to a point of sale display, vinyl provides a strong foundation for all of your display needs. It can be formed into a desired shape or cut to size and comes in a range of colors and opacities to match your needs well. It can even accommodate lighting to give a professional look that demands the attention of trade show attendees.

With all of these benefits, it’s not surprising that more and more brands are turning to vinyl for their display needs. Reach out to Piedmont Plastics today to find the right vinyl product to properly design your next product display.