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For over 50 years, Mactac has been a global leader in manufacturing adhesive products used in a range of markets, including visual communication, signage, decoration, labeling and packaging, assembly, housing, automotive and medical. As one of the world’s largest adhesive manufacturers, Mactac designs and consumes proprietary solvent, emulsion, and hot-melt adhesives, so customers can be sure Mactac products can be applied and removed for any intended application.
Thanks to rigorous quality control, Mactac offers its Open-Image Warranty™, which guarantees consistent product quality and durability. Prestigious brands in the United States and Canada choose Mactac brands like StreetRAP™, WallNOODLE™, and Gemini XT™ for their projects because of the value Mactac provides.
Mactac trusts distribution of its brands to select partners throughout North America. Piedmont Plastics has been a Mactac channel partner for the better part of two decades. Piedmont Plastics and Mactac provide customers with a unique value through combined expertise in the graphics market, including superior customer service, local field sales, logistics and marketing. Piedmont Plastics provides continual training on Mactac products to make sure products are used for their intended purposes and also provides a turnkey solution with a vast array of rigid substrates for post-print production. With abundant in-stock product in key locations across the United States and Canada, Piedmont Plastics is the preferred source for Mactac media, laminates, and mounting films.