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PSG AluPOLY Overview

Piedmont Sign Grade® AluPOLY® brings a superior finish to any project and is known for its lightweight qualities. The variety of colors and ability to form textures and curves makes PSG® AluPOLY® a great choice for a variety of projects.

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) sheet is made of two thin layers of aluminum bonded on either side of a polyethylene core. Because of its durability, dimensional stability, strength, and lightweight, ACM is commonly used for signage (both interior and exterior), construction, architectural cladding, insulation, wall linings, and as a substitute for steel in many applications. AluPOLY is also a UL compliant signage material in accordance with UL879.

Standard AluPOLY is available in three distinct grades -- Economy features a skin thickness of .006” and is a great choice for short term or light duty applications. Regular AluPOLY is made with a .008” aluminum skin and has the versatility for most applications. Our AluPOLY HD material is a heavy-duty sheet with a skin thickness of .012” and is an excellent choice for long-term exterior displays or three dimensional elements requiring folding or complex fabrication. All Standard AluPOLY products are available in a variety of sheet sizes, thicknesses, colors and mill finishes.

Piedmont Plastics® has also added a Digital version of ACM sheet to our family of Piedmont Sign Grade (PSG) products. Digital AluPOLY touts a bright white surface treatment specifically engineered for today’s flatbed printers and addresses ink adhesion and long-term durability. It is easily cleaned and scratch resistant, making Digital AluPOLY a great choice for even the most demanding applications. Digital AluPOLY is available in 3mm, 4’ x 8’ sheet, and is stocked at most Piedmont locations.

With our local inventory and customer-specific stocking capabilities in over 40 markets, Piedmont is equipped to provide a variety of ACM solutions for any application. Our depth of stock across our broad line of Piedmont Sign Grade products makes us a one-stop solution for your signage needs.