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Industrial Cleaners

Piedmont offers a variety of industrial cleaners, and protectants for plastics, including Devcon, Loctite, Hysol, and more.

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Industrial Cleaners


Piedmont Plastics offers a variety of industrial cleaners and protectants that can extend the life of your performance plastics. Our inventory of cleaners, which includes brands like NOVUS, Brillianize and more, allows materials to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly without compromising the integrity of the product. Using the proper cleaning solutions on your plastic applications is vital to maintaining the quality and longevity of the material. If the wrong cleaning solution is applied, the clarity, color, and surface of the plastic can change drastically.

Utilizing the correct cleaner is especially essential for applications like cashier barriers, safety partitions, transportation barriers, face shields, and other protective solutions made of clear materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate. These products are often used in medical, retail, education and other public environments where frequent sanitation is critical. Additionally, cleaners and polishes are vital for maintaining optical clarity and a clean appearance in any application.

NOVUS Plastic Polish:

NOVUS Plastic Polish is your one stop solution for restoring and revitalizing all plastic, acrylic and fiberglass products. For home or industrial use, NOVUS Plastic Polish has formulated a complete system to protect, clean, polish and restore plastic protective solutions.

  • NOVUS #1: Plastic Clean & Shine – Gently cleans all plastics without scratching. Leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging and finger marking, repels dust and leaves a smooth, clean, greaseless shine.
  • NOVUS #2: Fine Scratch Remover – Removes fine scratches, haziness and abrasions from most plastics. With repeated use, it will restore faded and discolored plastics by removing damage and sealing with a coat of polish.
  • NOVUS #3: Heavy Scratch Remover – Removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic surfaces. Use when damage it too severe to be restored with NOVUS #2 polish. Requires use of NOVUS #2 for final finishing. Not recommended for use on coated plastics. Reach out to your nearest Piedmont branch today to learn more about our variety of industrial cleaning solutions and the best option for your application.