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Surgical Face Shield

Surgical face shields provide much needed protection for medical professionals. Piedmont Plastics offers polycarbonate sheet with high optical clarity and excellent durability for surgical needs.

Surgical Face Shield


Workers in the medical field use eye and face shields to protect themselves from hazardous or infectious fluid splashes. Face shields made of quality thermoplastics can be made to withstand heat, impact, chemicals, or other hazard and help to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Polycarbonate and Polyester (PET) Film are two common plastic materials used in the development of surgical face shields. Both materials are transparent and provide high optical clarity. Polycarbonate and PET are both lightweight and can be easily processed into almost any shape so manufacturers can design masks and shields to meet the needs of even the most complex applications.

Piedmont Plastics has invested in and planned for consistent availability of these materials across our branch network, significantly reducing published manufacturer lead times. Additionally, our business is built to make inventory transfers among our branches fast and simple, and with over 48 stocking locations throughout North America, we can easily transfer materials among our branches to meet the immediate needs of our customers

Piedmont Plastics carries a wide range of high quality polycarbonate and PET solutions. Piedmont representatives are qualified to answer your questions and offer guidance when selecting the best plastic for your application.