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Graphics | Printing

Piedmont Plastics offers a wide variety of product options for the graphics and printing market.


Having the ability to display elaborate, powerful, and eye-catching designs for a wide-range of applications is what makes the graphics and printing market so essential. Without the proper materials, this industry wouldn’t be as effective as it is today. In order to create powerful messages or campaigns for clients, designers and printers need a powerful lineup of materials to deliver high-quality results.

Our Material Selection

Piedmont provides a wide palette of product options for nearly every medium. Point of sale, exhibit/trade show, signage, indoor and outdoor advertising, fine art replication, and museum displays are just samples of the many markets we serve. Our flexible materials are compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV curable, or aqueous inks while our sheet (rigid) products can be processed via a variety of finishing techniques from traditional screen printing to wide format digital printers.

Common Plastics for Graphics and Printing

In order to realize the full design potential of any printed graphic, the materials used need to be able to withstand the demands of the client. We sell a variety of plastic materials for graphics and printing, including:

Benefits of Using Performance Plastics

In order to display the most vibrant and eye-catching designs, print shops need to carefully consider which material would be best for the intended application. The benefits of using performance plastics for printing and graphics include flexibility, print compatibility, and durability to name a few. Depending on the material, some plastics can even be digitally printed.

Our Graphics Experts

The applications for graphic materials are increasing every day, and product performance choices can be complex. To help you meet this challenge, Piedmont Plastics has a team of Graphic Specialists ready to assist you with your projects and material requirements and provide you with the best solutions for the fast-paced graphics world.

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