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Commercial and Residential Real Estate Signs

Piedmont Plastics stocks fluted polypropylene, expanded PVC sheets, and aluminum composite material for commercial and residential real estate signs.


Commercial and residential real estate signs can be seen on nearly any street, varying in size, stand, and design. These signs are integral to the real estate sales process, alerting and attracting potential buyers and tenants.

Residential real estate signs are most commonly made from a fluted polypropylene plastic material. With a durable exterior, these signs are ideal for outdoor use. The corrugated interior allows for easy insertion of aluminum step stakes to create self-standing signage that is both lightweight and highly visible. Fluted Polypropylene is available in a variety of colors and can be cut to any size, giving maximum design flexibility. They are also durable enough for repeated use on multiple listings.

For commercial real estate signs, expanded PVC sheets and aluminum composite material (ACM) panels are the products of choice because of their durability and rigidity at larger sizes. These materials can withstand high impact and maintain stability in fluctuating temperatures and climates, while allowing for the same design flexibility as residential real estate signs.

Piedmont Plastics carries a large stock and variety of materials for both commercial and residential real estate signs, and can provide expert guidance and cut-to-size capabilities custom-suited for any application.