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Paper Faced Foam Board

Piedmont Plastics carries paper faced foam sheet, Fome-Cor® and foam board used for art canvases, mounting, backing, framing, die cutting and 3d designs.

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Piedmont Plastics provides a variety of paper faced foam board products including Fome-Cor® and Foam-X®. Fome-Cor® is one of the preferred materials used for artistic canvases, mounting, backing and framing photographs, and 3-D designs. Fome-Cor® can also be embossed and die cut. Foam-X® is similar to Fome-Cor® but it contains a memory retaining foam core and cannot be embossed. The boards consist of three layers of material, a polystyrene foam core and two outer layers with your choice of color. These color options include a white clay-coated paper or natural brown craft paper liners over a white foam core, or black paper liners with a black foam core.

These American-made products, with a reputation for performance, boast an extremely lightweight and easily-cut design that allows for direct printing, making it an ideal product for a variety of artistic and display applications. Foam sheet paper faced board provides a compressed edge that consistently stays closed, a perfect solution for intricate hand and die cutting applications.

These boards are available in a variety of sizes, including large sheets up to 8’ x 10’ and ranges in thickness from 1/8”- 1/2”. Piedmont Plastics has a deep inventory in these materials and offers quick delivery and excellent service to meet your requirements.

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