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Window Film

Piedmont Plastics stocks a variety of window film materials that provide customers with a range of options based on their application needs.

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Plastic window film is a thin layered material, typically made of materials like polyester (PET film), with specialized coatings to support various window graphic applications. Piedmont Plastics offers a diverse selection of window film products for use in advertising, privacy, and solar control.

At Piedmont Plastics, we offer industry-leading window film brands available for purchase through our extensive branch network. Each manufacturer supplies unique formulations of window film with various layers or enhancements to cater to the end-user’s needs.

Benefits of Window Film

Window film offers a variety of benefits, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. When applied to glass, it can drastically enhance the functionality, safety, comfort, and aesthetics of windows. Designed to address several opportunities, the advantages of window film include:

  • Visual Appeal: Decorative window film is available in a wide array of designs, patterns, and shades, providing a simple solution for improving the visual appeal of windows.

  • Advertising & Printability Many window films are compatible with a variety of large-format printing technologies, such as Latex, UV, Solvent, and screen printing methods, making them ideal for creating eye-catching advertisements.

  • Energy Efficiency: Window films effectively decrease heat absorption during summer and heat escape in winter, resulting in reduced energy costs, stable indoor temperatures, and enhanced comfort.

  • UV Protection: Some window films are designed to filter out damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, thereby safeguarding and minimizing the discoloration of interior furnishings, carpets, and artwork.

  • Increased Privacy: Privacy window film options are designed for increased privacy, yet they still allow ample natural light, maintaining a well-lit and secluded space.

  • Security and Safety: Specialized window films strengthen glass by binding it in the event of breakage, thus lessening the danger of injuries from broken shards.

Featured Window Film Brands:

Contra Vision®

Piedmont Plastics is a proud supplier of Contra Vision's wide array of perforated window films, ideal for creating one-way vision graphics. These films transform windows into effective advertising spaces with clear, bright imagery from the outside, while retaining superb visibility from the inside. Key features of Contra Vision’s products include:

  • High transparency options (50/50 – 50% and 60/40 –40%) for clear visibility needs, like vehicle applications.

  • Low transparency variants (80/20 – 20% and 70/30 – 30%) for enhanced image vibrancy in retail and privacy settings.

  • Suitable for both durable, long-term use (Contra Vision® Performance™) and temporary needs (Contra Vision® Campaign™).

  • Applicable externally or internally, for applications where outdoor access is restricted.

  • Significant cost savings, reducing average overall project expenses by up to 25%.


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Whether you're looking to enhance privacy, reduce glare, or showcase vibrant advertising, our versatile window film solutions have you covered. Call us today to explore our range of window film options and find the perfect fit for your needs. Our team of dedicated plastics sign and graphics experts are ready to deliver the optimal solutions for your application. Let's turn your windows into a statement of style and efficiency!

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