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Election Signage

Piedmont Plastics carries fluted polypropylene, Coroplast, and Cor-X for election signage. These lightweight materials are durable and highly visible.


Election signs are often seen in yards and on street corners during political campaigns. These highly visible signs must be both durable and temporary, making a lightweight plastic preferable to paper or vinyl materials.

Fluted polypropylene, commonly known by the brand names of Coroplast® or Cor-X®, is the most widely used material for election signage and features a rigid interior, which allows for aluminum step stakes to be easily inserted. These signs can then stand in grass and can withstand the elements, while still being lightweight and easy to transport. Fluted polypropylene is available in a range of colors and is easily printed on for a professional, finished look. The durability of fluted polypropylene can allow elected officials to reuse these signs in multiple election cycles.

Piedmont Plastics has a long history serving this market and is accustomed to anticipating market demand from year to year, ensuring stock levels during peak seasons at our more than 40 locations across North America.