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3A Dibond® / e-panel™ ACM

ALUMINUM COMPOSITE MATERIAL ACM FAMILY Dibond has been the industrys leading ACM for more than 15 years. It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .012 aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Coil-Coated Paint or Brushed Metal Finishes e-panel is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .008 aluminum with a solid polyethylene core and manufactured in China. Why Choose dibond Flattest panel on the market Superior surface protects expensive digital and screen-printed graphics Aluminum Facers Polyethylene Core Provides excellent durability in outdoor applications Wont bow or oil can Approximately one half the weight of a solid aluminum sheet Can be routed and returned to add dimension or roll-formed to deliver sweeping curves Why Choose e-panel Recommended for flat panel applications 7-2013 Colors Dibond 2mm 3mm 4mm White Black Dark Bronze Fine Silver Hunter Red Caution Yellow Dark Green Ultra Marine Blue Brushed Silver Brushed Bronze Brushed Copper Brushed Stainless Standard sheet size for all colors and brushed metals is 48 x 96 White is also standard in 60 x 120 All colors excluding brushed metals available in 60 widths custom sheet sizes available e-panel 2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm White Brushed Silver Mill Finish Aluminum 48 x 96 Sizes Gauges Product Availability Due to multiple product configurations please refer to the website for product availability in the desired thickness and size. Dibond SPECIFICATIONS 4 X 8 4 X 10 5 X 10 1.22 M X 2.44 M 1.22 M X 3.05 M 1.52 M X 3.050 M White over White White over Black Dark Bronze over Fine Silver 2mm 3mm 4mm 2mm 3mm 3mm Hunter Red over Caution Yellow Dark Green over Ultra Marine Blue 3mm All Metal Series Colors 3mm 3mm Coil-Coated Paint or Brushed Metal Finishes 3mm 3mm Aluminum Facers Polyethylene Core Brushed Silver is backed by Fine Silver. Brushed Bronze Copper and Stainless are backed by White. Custom sizes colors and thicknesses available upon request. For updated colors and sizes please visit us at graphicdisplay

.com or call us at 800.626.3365. GRAPHIC DISPLAY This product guide provides only general application information and is not intended to include all potential product uses. No express or implied warranties are contained herein. Fome-Cor Sintra Gator and Dibond are registered trademarks of 3A Composites USA Inc. FiberMate e-pvc and e-panel are trademarks of 3A Composites USA Inc. 3A Composites USA Inc. 2013. All Rights Reserved. 7-2013