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Movie / Television Staging and Sets

With its design flexibility, plastic is the perfect material for movie & television stages & sets. Piedmont Plastics has 40 locations offering ABS, polycarbonate & acrylic plastic sheet for TV use.

Movie / Television Staging and Sets


Plastic often takes center stage in the movie and television industry where intricate, realistic-looking stages and sets must change with each new scene, show, or film. Versatile plastics can re-create virtually anything, making them an important player for a variety of applications.

Plastics allow for endless design flexibility. Plastic products are created for promotional pieces, set backgrounds, and props using thermoforming, direct print technology, and other methods of construction. Lightweight, recyclable plastics are friendly to industry requirements. Plastic products also offer chemical and thermal properties to meet stringent industry safety codes.

Piedmont Plastics stocks a wide range of sheet, rod, tube, and film to help studios create everything from cityscapes and weapons to home interiors and fake food—including ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, foam PVC, and the PSG family of products. Piedmont stocks a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes from reliable local suppliers. Our representatives offer extensive product knowledge and support and can help provide quality technical service.