High Performance Materials

High Performance Materials

Piedmont Plastics offers a full line of high performance plastics that are used in virtually every industry by engineers, designers, machine shops, and fabricators. High performance plastics meet higher requirements than standard plastics, and are also referred to as high temperature plastics, high-performance polymers, high performance thermoplastics or high-tech plastics.

High performance plastics are characterized among other traits by their thermal stability at very high temperatures, their high degree of chemical resistance, and the fact that they can be strengthened with modifiers to achieve enhanced performance.

Piedmont’s high performance category includes industry-leading solutions such as PET, PBT, Rulon®, Polymide, Surlyn®, Proflex®, TPX®, PPS, Torlon®, PEEK, Polysulfone, Celazole®, Orkot®, Ultem®, Fluorosint®, Semitron®, Noryl®, and Kynar® PVDF.

Whether you need material for prototyping or cut-to-size for a specific application, Piedmont has a large inventory of material available for prompt shipment. Reach out to your local branch and you’ll find experts in high performance plastics ready to supply the solutions you need.

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