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Seals and Gaskets

To create a tight seal, gaskets and seals need flexibility to fill in tight spaces. Acetal and other thermoplastic materials from Piedmont Plastics can withstand compression and create tight seals.


Thermoplastic seals and gaskets are used in a variety of industries and applications, including chemical processing, automotive, aerospace, and many others. Piedmont Plastics specializes in supplying high performance materials suitable for the manufacture of quality seals and gaskets.

In order to perform optimally, seals and gaskets must be made from materials that exhibit a degree of flexibility in order to tightly fill the space between two or more surfaces. Durable, tough Acetal is a commonly used material in seals and gaskets, allowing them to withstand high compressive loads while resisting damage from most chemicals and solvents.

Whether your process involves die cutting, waterjet cutting, laser cutting or CNC machining, Piedmont supplies the materials, including Acetal, you need for the sealing capabilities you require.