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Star Wheels

Acetal and nylon are ideal materials for star wheels in conveyor systems. Piedmont Plastics stocks these as well as UHMW to help create durable star wheels and guides to keep food processing systems running.


Conveyor systems allow quick and efficient transportation of a wide variety of materials, which makes them standard in the material handling and packaging industries. Businesses from shipping and pharmaceutical to food and retail use conveyor systems outfitted with star wheels and guides to orient boxes, bottles, and other items for efficient movement through mechanical handling processes. Piedmont Plastics carries a variety of materials used to manufacture star wheel configurations for material handlers, such as UHMW, Acetal, and Nylon.

Engineered Plastic Star Wheels provide durability, machinability, and resistance to oil and greases. They are lighter in weight than metal and have a lower coefficient of friction—ideal properties for use in gears and on conveyor lines. They also handle high temperatures and are easy to fabricate to tight tolerance demands. Plastic star wheels are less expensive than metal and less likely to damage packaging or product as they move items along a conveyor. Star wheels can be suitable for contact with food items and carry FDA, USDA, and NSF agency compliance.