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Marine products have been at the core of Piedmont’s product offering since 1985. Recently, with the increased focus of wood free construction in the marine industry, lightweight plastic alternatives have proliferated and are available in many forms. Our commitment to the Marine market is evident in our exclusive Piedmont Marine Grade® (PMG®) line of products. PMG® Acrylics, Aqua-Plas®, and Aqua-Steel® substrates are manufactured to endure and thrive in the unique Marine environment. Our materials excel in applications from boat windshields, upholstery, enclosures, and tackle centers to block out panels for wood and aluminum replacement just to name a few. Rising costs of aluminum plating have further brought Aqua-Steel® to market as an alternative for high strength backing plates. Environmentally “green” efforts have resulted in some outstanding plastic structural support materials for fiberglass components.

Piedmont has strategically designated several dedicated Marine branches to service the industry within one to two day shipping times. We’re proud to have one of the largest inventories of Marine grade plastics in North America coupled with several long-tenured Marine Specialists dedicated to the Marine industry. Piedmont is constantly partnering with boat manufacturers, associations, engineers, and designers to develop products that enhance quality and cost-effectiveness for the Marine industry.

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