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Piedmont Plastics is the leading supplier of starboard plastic materials in the marine industry. Learn more about our various plastic products and services.


Marine products have been a core offering at Piedmont since 1985. Since that time, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering expert product knowledge along with industry-leading marine grade plastic materials. With a dedicated team of marine market specialists and a full inventory of marine products, we are confident in our ability to supply the most effective solutions to our industry customers.

Our Material Selection

Our success in the marine market stems from our ability to supply some of the best products from the world’s best brands. Thanks to the relationships we’ve built with our supplier partners, we can provide a number of marine grade plastics to fit the needs of any customer. We proudly provide King StarBoard®, TUFFAK® Polycarbonate, Seaboard™ Endurabond™, and a number of other materials.

Our commitment to the marine market is so important to us that we developed our own private line of Piedmont Marine Grade® (PMG®) materials so that our customers can choose from an extensive inventory of material options. Our PMG® materials include PMG® Acrylic, PMG® Aqua-Plas, and PMG® Aqua-Steel, all of which are specifically manufactured to endure and thrive in unique marine environments. With the help of our plastic materials, boat builders have countless options for a variety of applications. We supply marine grade plastics for boat enclosures, boat windshields, boat hatches, marine upholstery, fish tackle storage, swim platforms, and more! For those looking for environmentally friendly materials, we also supply “green” products made with a mix of plastics and organic matter.

Common Marine Grade Materials

Benefits of Using Plastic in Boats

In order to maximize the full potential of marine grade plastics, you first must choose the right material for the intended application. While many of our materials share common characteristics, some materials may perform better in certain applications than others. Some common benefits of our materials include high impact resistance, superior flexibility, light weight, and resistance to rotting, swelling, splintering, discoloring, and delaminating. Specific materials like marine grade acrylic sheet and marine grade polycarbonate offer benefits like high optical clarity, scratch resistance, UV stability, and enhanced weatherability. If you’re not sure which material you need, contact us today and we’ll put you in contact with one of our marine market specialists! 

Our Marine Experts

Part of what makes Piedmont so unique is our market specialization, which includes our team of dedicated marine market specialists who have years of experience in the industry. Our knowledgeable team is happy to walk through our material selection to ensure customers select the most effective materials for their intended application. We value our relationships with our customers, and we are fully prepared to provide solutions for any situation.

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