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Coring Material for Backing Plates

Piedmont Plastics stocks coring material for backer plates for wood-free boat construction, including AP® III, AP® V, Endurabond™, and Aqua-Steel®.


Composite backing plates are an ideal product for the marine industry due to their corrosion-free makeup and zero water absorption. Each backer plate is engineered for no-prep fiberglass lamination and provides structure for different levels of marine hardware applications. A wood-free construction eliminates rotting while composite products eliminate galvanic corrosion and extend service life.

AP® III is the ideal backing plate for lighter weight hardware such as small hatches, console panel faces, switches, and gauges. AP® V and Endurabond™ are used for heavier self-tapping screw applications such as large hatches, doors, deck hardware, support rings, and heavy electrical or electronic devices. Aqua-Steel® replaces costly aluminum backing plates above or below the waterline.

Piedmont Plastics employs a dedicated team of marine experts in locations across North America who focus specifically on the needs of the marine industry. Piedmont’s experts work with suppliers to develop unique, durable, and excellent marine products for a variety of final applications.