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Docks and Dock Fenders

Docks and Dock Fenders

Marine construction demands durability, weatherability, and corrosion resistance. Marine grade thermoplastics provide long-lasting, waterproof options for safe docks and durable dock fenders.

Wet docks benefit from anti-skid HDPE (high density polyethylene) decking, which is less slippery than wood, promotes drainage and provides a rot-proof surface for outdoor applications. Dock fenders are generally made of UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), a tough, wear-resistant plastic that combines a very low coefficient of friction with outstanding impact strength. UHMW is ideal due to its high abrasion tolerance, corrosion resistance and lack of moisture absorption. This high-performing polyethylene outperforms other materials by extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs. Recycled UHMW can also be used.

Piedmont’s knowledgeable staff has the expertise and materials to source your demanding marine dock projects, including dock fenders, floating docks, and other applications. Anti-skid HDPE is available in several colors, including popular dolphin grey, and UHMW is available in black.

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