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Arkema Plexiglas® Hi-Def ™

Outstanding image quality and clarity in rear-projection screens. Plexiglas Hi-Def A C RY L I C S C R E E N From the company with over 75 years of expertise in acrylics and a history of delivering superb quality and optical clarity comes the latest innovation in rear projection screens Plexiglas Hi-Def acrylic screen. This high-performance screen offers great uniformity without hot spotting or dark corners and without color shift. APPLICATIONS Plexiglas Hi-Def acrylic screen has been specifically designed for high-definition rear projection to realize outstanding image resolution uniformity and contrast. With great off-axis viewing angle and excellent ambient light rejection you can enjoy a crisp image from any angle from up-close or far away even in ambient light. n Simulation and training These screens are produced using our patented technology in a proprietary process. Unlike optical screens with films applied to an acrylic or glass substrate the multi-layer structure of Plexiglas Hi-Def acrylic screen shields the internal imagecapturing layer and protects it from scratching. n Corporate lobbies Patent pending. n Rear projection screens n Digital signage n Command and control centers n Showrooms and museums n Trade shows and exhibits n Casinos and amusement parks n Learning institutions Plexiglas Hi-Def A C RY L I C S C R E E N TYPICAL STANDARD PROPERTIES PROPERTIES TEST METHOD KEY FEATURES UNITS VALUE PHYSICAL Nominal Thickness for data unless otherwise noted in 0.236 Specific Gravity ASTM D-792 - 1.19 Rockwell Hardness ASTM D-785 M scale 90 OPTICAL Refractive Index ND 73F ASTM D-542 - 1.49 Luminous Transmittance1 2 ASTM D-1003 60 On-axis Gain 0.236 thickness NA - 1.6 On-axis Gain1 0.118 thickness NA - 3.9 1 Half Gain Angle NA degrees 25 ASTM D-523 - 35 Tensile Strength yield ASTM D-638 psi 10000 11000 Tensile Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D-638 psi 440000-480000 Flexural Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D-790 psi 440000-480000 Notched Izod Impact 73F 23C ASTM

D-256 ft-lbin 0.3-0.35 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion at 60F ASTM E-831 in in F x 10-5 3.6 Maximum Recommended Continuous Service Temperature NA F 170 190 Recommended Thermoforming Temperature NA F 275 350 Specular Gloss3 at 60 MECHANICAL THERMAL Data given are average values and should not be used for specification purposes. 1. This property will change with thickness. The value given is for the thickness indicated in the column heading unless otherwise noted. 2. Transmission value based on 2514 color 3. Measured on Non-Glare surface n Highest contrast ratio Plexiglas Hi-Def acrylic screen offers the highest contrast ratio of leading rear projection screen materials tested producing crisp images even in ambient light. n Exceptional viewing angle With great off-axis viewing angle and excellent ambient light rejection you can enjoy a crisp image from any angle from up-close or far away even in ambient light. n Excellent uniformity This high-performance screen delivers great uniformity without hot spots or darkcorners and without color shift. Youll be amazed by the picture quality. n Oversize widescreens We offer two standard sizes in 169 aspect ratio 51 x 91 and 81 x 144. Or you can cut it to any size or shape and also thermoform it. n Durability Since the screen medium is internal you wont have to worry about scratching or damaging it. n Lightweight Plexiglas Hi-Def acrylic screens are half the weight of glass and can be used in stand alone frames or suspended from the ceiling with lightweight cables. n Style The thin form factor emanates modern high-end design. When suspended from the ceiling the projected image appears to float in the air. n Suitable for touch screen VIEWING ANGLES The screen can be used with touch screen film to create interactive displays for exhibits museums POPs and other venues. Projector Plexiglas Hi-Def Rear Projection Screen STANDARD OFFERING Viewability 0.8 Half Gain Angle at 25 o 50o Optimum Viewing Cone 1.6 Peak Gain on axis View

er Thickness Color Surface Finish 0.118 2514 Non-Glare 0.236 2514 Non-Glare SHEET SIZE 81 x 144 51 x 91 For more information about Plexiglas rear projection screens please visit us at www.plexiglas.comprojectionscreens Plexiglas Hi-Def acrylic screens are produced only by Altuglas International Arkema Inc. Plexiglas acrylic plastic is a combustible thermoplastic. Observe fire precautions appropriate for comparable forms of wood and paper. For building uses check code approvals. Impact resistance is a factor of thickness. Avoid exposure to heat or aromatic solvents. Clean with soap and water. Avoid abrasives. See MSDS for Health Safety Considerations. Altuglas and Plexiglas are registered trademarks of Arkema. 2013 Arkema Inc. All rights reserved. ROC 213 The statements technical information and recommendations contained herein are believed to be accurate as of the date hereof. Since the conditions and methods of use of the product and of the information referred to herein are beyond our control Arkema expressly disclaims any and all liability as to any results obtained or arising from any use of the product or reliance on such information NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED IS MADE CONCERNING THE GOODS DESCRIBED OR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED HEREIN. The information provided herein relates only to the specific product designated and may not be applicable when such product is used in combination with other materials or in any process. The user should thoroughly test any application before commercialization. Nothing contained herein constitutes a license to practice under any patent and it should not be construed as an inducement to infringe any patent and the user is advised to take appropriate steps to be sure that any proposed use of the product will not result in patent infringement.