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Boat Windshields

Piedmont Plastics carries Piedmont Marine Grade® acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet and is a leading supplier to boat builders and aftermarket dealers.


Boat windshields (or windscreens) are an integral feature of almost every vessel. Acrylic and Polycarbonate are two popular options for this application. Polycarbonate offers superior toughness to acrylic with slightly less optical clarity. Compared to polycarbonate, acrylic is less vulnerable to UV light, resists scratches better, and is easier to seal. It is also less expensive.

Piedmont Plastics’ has a complete line of materials uniquely designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the marine environment while maintaining a flexible and lightweight exterior. Piedmont Marine Grade® (PMG®) products are recognized as industry-leading solutions in the Marine market. PMG® Plus has superior optical qualityover general purpose acrylics andis formulated to hold up even in the most extreme marine environments. Piedmont Plastics has been dedicated to the Marine industry for nearly 50 years and has a dedicated team of Marine sales professionals to help you find the best solution.