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Marine Grade Acrylic Sheet

Piedmont marine-grade acrylics are made to offer superior performance, high customizability, and competitive prices.

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Marine Acrylic From Piedmont Plastics

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of your boat, marine grade acrylic sheet stands out as the premier choice. Known for their exceptional clarity, durability, and versatility, these sheets are engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment, making them ideal for a wide range of applications on your vessel. Whether you are looking to upgrade your boat's windows or hatches, or even create custom enclosures, our marine acrylic products offer the reliability and quality you need.

Piedmont Marine Grade® Ultra® Acrylic Sheet

Piedmont Marine Grade (PMG) Ultra was specially designed for the rigorous demands of the marine industry. Known for its exceptional impact resistance, PMG Ultra is the preferred choice among leading boat builders. Our marine acrylic sheet is crafted to provide unparalleled performance, enhancing both the safety and aesthetics of your marine applications.

Why Choose PMG Ultra?

Unmatched Durability:

PMG Ultra is engineered for high impact resistance, significantly reducing the likelihood of breakage from screw insertion and the stresses encountered in marine environments. This makes it an ideal choice for critical applications where reliability is paramount.

Extended Warranty:

Backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty, PMG Ultra offers peace of mind, ensuring long-term performance and satisfaction. Each batch is rigorously tested at the factory to maintain consistency and superior fabrication performance.

Lightweight & Versatile:

PMG Ultra sheet is half the weight of glass, yet offers enhanced durability and flexibility for various custom applications. It can be easily molded into curved shapes for innovative boat design features.

Variety of Colors:

Available in a selection of colors to match the most popular gelcoat options, PMG Ultra allows for seamless integration into any boat’s design. This offers boat builders the flexibility to create customized, high-gloss parts that enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

An Expert is just around the corner.

With over 100 years of combined product knowledge and industry experience, we are confident our plastics experts can help you find a solution for your application.

Common Marine Acrylic Applications

Leading the Industry with Piedmont Plastics

Piedmont Plastics stands at the forefront of the marine acrylic industry. We are committed to delivering products and complete solutions that enhance both OEM and aftermarket marine applications.

We understand that each boat builder’s needs are unique, and our product line reflects our commitment to catering to these diverse requirements. With marine acrylic products PMG Ultra, we offer options that combine superior durability and the versatility needed for innovative marine designs.

Partner with Piedmont for Your Marine Acrylic Needs

Contact us today to discuss how our marine acrylic solutions can elevate your boat-building projects. Our team of marine market experts is ready to assist you with product choices, installation guidance, and after-sales support.