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Boat Hatches

Piedmont Plastics carries plastic products for boat hatches, including lightweight, durable Piedmont Marine Grade Ultra® Acrylic Sheet and StarBoard®.


Boat hatches are an essential feature of marine vessels, both for aesthetic appeal and functionality. They improve maneuverability on deck and protect valuables below. The fabrication of industrial plastic has reshaped methods for designing and manufacturing watercraft hatches, making it the preferred material for leading boat manufacturers. Plastic products are a dependable choice because of their customizable exterior, lightweight, industrial design, and ease of fabrication.

Piedmont Plastics’ has a complete line of materials uniquely designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the marine environment while maintaining a flexible and lightweight exterior. Piedmont Marine Grade® (PMG®) products are recognized as industry-leading solutions in the Marine market. PMG Ultra® Acrylic Sheet and StarBoard® are the most common materials used in hatches. Piedmont Plastics has been dedicated to the Marine industry for nearly 50 years and has a dedicated team of Marine sales professionals to help you find the best solution.